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We are a leading provider of home health care services in Illinois. Our Mission is to provide the best and most effective healthcare services at home in every community we serve.Learn More
Our team-based approach allows us to provide services as part of an integrated team of providers who provide the highest quality of healthcare right at the patient’s home.
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We provide health Services at patients’ homes throughout the greater Chicago area, from the lake to the east to Morris and Aurora on the west, from the Wisconsin border in the north to Kankakee in the south.
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Contact us to experience the highest quality healthcare at the home, keeping the patient healthy, independent, and happy at home. Contact
Advantage delivers a new care model that allows chronically ill patients to be treated at home by an integrated team of health professionals, while reducing the cost of fragmented care and unnecessary hospitalizations through the assistance of technology.Physician Portal
Today, in the new world of information, we strive to achieve the highest levels of patients satisfaction and outcomes by providing patients and authorized caregivers a consistent, comprehensive health management tool across care settings. Patient Portal