The Home Health Benefit

At Advantage Home Healthcare, we believe that everyone deserves to have quality healthcare in his or her own home. That is why we make our services as accessible as possible.


Medicare patients can rely on us to provide comprehensive care when it takes a taxing effort for the patient to leave home, and the patient is in need of skilled clinical care. Advantage’s relationships with physicians, hospitals, and other healthcare providers allow us to provide continuity of care between the home and any other transitional setting from which the patient is sent back home.

Private Insurance

Private Insurance companies insist on high-quality, reliable home healthcare. That is why Advantage Home Healthcare works with patients’ insurance carriers to ensure that necessary services are covered.

Private Pay

Private Pay patients can maintain the quality of their home healthcare even after Medicare time limits expire. As patients recover and make the transition back into their daily routine, Advantage Home Healthcare can offer home care services tailored to an individual’s needs.

To confirm a patient’s need for home healthcare, please take advantage of our free, in-home assessment to see if the patient is at risk and therefore in need of home healthcare. Generally, patients are at risk under the following circumstances:

Commitment to Quality

Advantage Home Health is Medicare-approved and accepts private insurance coverage from a variety of providers. When choosing in-home medical services for surgical recovery, chronic condition care, disability assistance, and elder care is your goal, our commitment to quality and compassionate care makes all the difference.
  • Need skilled nursing or therapy services;
  • Recently hospitalized;
  • Significant change in medication;
  • At risk for falls;
  • Potential for stroke or paralysis;
  • Decline in ability to walk;
  • Significant change in mental status;
  • Abnormal weight loss or significant change in appetite;
  • New injections or infusions;
  • Visually or hearing impaired affecting healthcare;
  • Requires wound care;
  • New walker, wheelchair, or similar ambulation device;
  • Decline in health status; and,
  • Exacerbation of CHF, COPD, or Diabetes