About Our Physician Portal

Advantage delivers a new care model that allows chronically ill patients to be treated at home by an integrated team of health professionals, while reducing the cost of fragmented care and unnecessary hospitalizations through the assistance of technology.

Our HIPPA-compliant Physician Portal simplifies and assists with the Certification, Recertification, and Care Plan Oversight functions, as well as multidisciplinary management, and information integration related to the home health services for the physician’s patients.

The same portal also provides communication and education to patients with chronic disease management needs and post-acute care.

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  • Orthopaedics
  • Instant access to information from home health providers
  • Better outcomes through increased communication resulting in improved management of patient care
  • Tracking of the physician’s time spent on providing oversight to for home health patients (Such information is provided to the physician’s billing staff via an on-demand report, tracking, and archiving)
  • Convenient signing of orders through the use of a digital signature