The Physician’s Eyes and Ears

The clinicians at Advantage Home Healthcare become the eyes and ears of physicians in the patient’s home. This allows the physician to take quality care of the patient while reducing the likelihood of hospitalization. These clinicians work hand-in-hand with the physician to ensure that the patient’s home environment is safe, medication management is under control, and the rehabilitative therapy is being provided to help the patient become independent.
If you are a physician who is part of a Medicare Shared Savings ACO, the benefits of utilizing Advantage Home Healthcare are clear:

  • Advantage Home Healthcare has an averages per episode reimbursement of $2,750
  • Care coordination and integration with other network providers
  • Management the highest-risk patients: 5% of the beneficiaries on whom 50% of the total health spend is allocated
  • Most importantly, high patient satisfaction for those beneficiaries who are provided the support of home-based healthcare
Advantage Home Healthcare follows, tracks, and is able to report quality metrics to any physician practice or provider organization based on outcomes measures, utilization measures, and process measures.

Our own outcome measures include: improvement measures that describe a patient’s ability to move around, perform activities of daily living, and general health); measures of potentially avoidable events that mark potential problems in care); and utilization of care measures that describe how often patients access other health care resources either while home healthcare is in progress or after home healthcare is completed).

Our own utilization measures include: acute care hospitalization while in the course of home healthcare; emergency department (ED) utilization without hospitalization; rehospitalization during the first 30 days of deployment of home healthcare; and ED use without hospital readmission during the first 30 days of home healthcare.

Our own process measures include: evaluate the rate of home health agency use of specific evidence-based processes of care. These process measures focus on high-risk, high-volume, problem-prone areas for home healthcare, including measures pertaining to all or most home health patients, such as timeliness of home health admission, immunizations, and use of risk assessment tools for falls, pain, depression, and pressure ulcer development. There are also measures for specific diagnoses (heart failure, diabetes, pressure ulcers) and measures of care planning and clinical interventions delivered for patients experiencing certain symptoms (pain, depression).

For any organized system of care, tracking and having access to these quality metrics is of tremendous value. This is why we pride ourselves on having these value points accessible to our partners.

The provision of home healthcare maintains the patient’s independence at home. The home health care providers are an extension of the physician practice or the provider organization. Advantage Home Healthcare ensures the continuity of relationship between the patient and the physician under whose care home health was ordered, as well as the primary care physician. The home health staff bridges the gap between patient and physician, while achieving patient satisfaction and physician input and integration.
Advantage Home Healthcare enables the physician practice to be reimbursed directly for the effort and time spent on the management of care by the physician practice. These reimbursements are an incentive created by Medicare for the physician practice to play an active role in the management of the patient’s healthcare at the patient’s home.

Please register for Advantage’s Physician Portal to benefit from this incentive to participate in the active management of your patients at their home.


The benefits of home healthcare, especially as shown by Advantage Home Healthcare’s collaborative approach, are crystal clear for the community and each and every patient and family.